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Color Changing "Candle" Kit

$1.99 Each

Set of 25 $46.54

Cat's Science Club Products For Educators

Flashlight Kit

$1.84 Each

Set of 25 $41.99

Night Light Kit

$1.86 Each

Set of 25 $42.99

16 Straw Caps

$1.99 / Set

Straw Wars / Blow Dart Pack  SWBDP001

Team up or everyone for themselves. Four different color blow darts.

$9.99 Each 16 darts, 4 launchers, 4 safety glasses, and suggested rules.

Small parts. Choking hazard. Protect your eyes.

$2.32 Each Without safety glasses

Small parts. Choking hazard. Protect your eyes.

Blow Dart / Rocket Kit  BDRK001

Great fun shooting these rockets up or use as blow darts. Colors may vary. $.99 Each Kit 4 darts / rockets and 1 launcher.

Small parts. Choking hazard.                     .


White Film Canister Inside Lid  WFCIL002

New Canisters. Great for Geocaching, Flash Light

NOT recommended for Film Canister Rockets.

$.60 Each

Classroom set of 25 $13.99

Black Film Canister Inside Lid  BFCIL001

New Canisters. Great for Film Canister Rockets

Great for Geocaching

$.60 Each

Classroom set of 25 $13.99

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Cat's Science Club Products for Educators allow for fun and exciting hands-on learning we all can enjoy. Our products are shipped to you quickly. No need to wait nearly a month for your products.

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Mini Solar Car Free shipping for a limited time.

$5.99 Limited Quantity

Standing just over 6 inches tall and 6 inches long this model of a turbine is easily put together with step by step instructions. Kids and adults will love putting this model together and then watching the light turn on with wind energy. Kit includes everything to make your own turbine but the glue.

Mini Wind TurbineKit

$26 with Free Shipping