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Straw Rocket

Kids will have loads of fun blowing "darts" or launching rockets.
Make sure you check out the game "Straw Wars" we made up using the "darts".
Choking hazard. Not for small children. Adult supervision recommended.
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Choking Hazard. Not for small children. Do not run with anything in your mouth. Wear safety glasses. Adult supervision recommended.


Straws of two different sizes
-We went to Wal-Mart and The Dollar Store
Plastic end caps
-Found at home improvement stores

Build Your Dart / Rocket

You can easily get these but if you don't have the time to find the parts we sell them as a kit. Also sells straw rocket kits and sells a very nice launcher.

Simply put your end caps onto the straws. Make sure they fit snugly.

If you have bendy straws put the caps on the bendy side. Easier to launch that way.

Prepare for Launch

The launcher is the one that is longer and skinnier then the others. Place your dart / rocket (straw with the cap on it) onto the longer, skinnier straw.

Shoot Your Dart / Launch Your Rocket

Place the launcher into mouth.

Adjust as needed to get the rocket in just the right spot.

Blow into the straw hard.

Rocket / Dart will fly pretty far depending on your lung capacity.

Straw Wars

Straw Wars can be played with up to four teams. A red, blue, yellow, and green team.

Make four sets of straws and launchers. Make sure that the launcher color matches the darts. If you have a larger group then four people, just make more darts. All red darts with red launcher will be on same team, all green on green team, etc.

Below are just suggested rules. Change and modify as needed.

Decide on a safe playing area. Set the boundaries of how far people can run, for example "we can't leave the backyard".

Each team picks their team color. Youngest picks first.

Objectives are not to get hit with straw darts, hit others with straw darts, and to be the last one left in the game.

Everyone starts at the center of playing area. Oldest person yells "go" and counts to five loudly as everyone playing spreads out.

At the count of five, people can start blowing their straw darts at each other. Getting hit by a dart that is thrown does not count.

You are only allowed to use your own color darts. Hits made with the wrong color darts do not count.

You may pick up and reuse your colored straw dart.

Once you are hit three times, you are out of the game and must sit off to the side till the next game.

Winner gets to yell go and count to five for the beginning of the next game.

We made these rules up as we played and learned a few things as we did.
1. Do not run with a straw in your mouth - gagging is not fun
2. Safety glasses is a smart thing to be wearing.
3. This is actually a tough work out ;-)