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Cat's Science club presents

Fat Cat and Crazy Cat with their combined teaching experience of 37 years. Electricity unit frying you out? We can help you and your fellow teachers. Have us come to your school and we will spark your interests so you can charge your students up.

Bring hands-on science into the classroom with exciting activities that will captivate students’ interest. Why just read about it when you could do it?

Enjoy the shocking excitement kids will have learning while investigating and discovering about electricity.

Hands-on learning that engages students’ interest.

Build your own batteries!

Make your own generator!!

Construct your own mini wind turbine!!!

Participants will connect hands-on learning to their curriculum, discover new ways to peak students’ curiosity, and build models to demonstrate basic principles of electricity.

Workshops to your school

3 Hour Hands On Workshop Cost

1 to 20 teachers - $300, plus $25 supply fee / participant, plus travel

1.5 Hour Workshop Cost (No Hands On Activities)

1 to 100 teachers - $150 plus travel


Electricity and the Common core